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Intense! (1433)

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I am relatively new to the spinning world (only been doing it for about 4 months now) but I have lost 30 lbs doing it. But, I have recently started instructing classes at my gym and I am going to try this class on Monday. Comments are welcome.

  Song                             Excercise

1) Let the Drummer Kick (Citizen Cope) Warm-Up/Explaination
2) Name of the Game (Crystal Method) Sprints (Vary between Postition 2 and 3, Resistance 6)
3) Right Now (SR-71)                 Jumps (Resistance 4, Either 2 or 4 Count Cadence)
4) Right Here, Right Now (Fatboy Slim) Tempo Jog (Start at 4, increase Resistance)
5) We're Desperate (Suburban Legends) Rolling Hills (Vary between saddle and Position 2,                                                                                                                   Resistance 4 - 6)
6) Duel of the Fates (DJ Middle Ground) Ascent/Decent (Seated, increase Resistance to 6,                                                                                                                      Position 2, increase to 8, Position 3,                                                                                                                    gradually decrease resistance)
7) Blood Brothers (Papa Roach) Passing (Resistance 4, 30, 40, 50 second sprints in                                                                                       Position 2, return to saddle for 30 seconds afterwards)
8) Bombs Over Baghdad (OutKast) Wind Resistance (Position 2, switch between                                                                                                   Resistance 6-8)
9) Emergency (Paramore)         Seated Sprints (Resistance 4)
10) Renegades of Funk (RATM) Interval (Switch between position 2, 3 and 1 with for 30                                                                                   second intervals on resistance 7, 8, and 8 respectively)
11) Fire (Scooter)                         Uphill Sprint (Resistance 7 or 8, Position 3 for the                                                                                           whole song)
12) I Have Seen (Zero 7)                 Cooldown/Stretch


Submitted by MasterBruce from United States on 8/10/12

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